Introduction of Party and Headmaster office


The office of Qiannan National Medical College,which consists of the party committee office and the school office, is the department of reconsideration office and integrated functions. In the school it plays an important role in the transitional work, advice assistant, comprehensive coordination, and dealing with affairs of all parties.
Now, in order to promote the development of the cause of school, it earnestly performs their duties : serving the leadership, departments and the basic unit; information research , dealing with the official document; handling the complaints; supervision and checking, organizing business, affixed file management. And it strives to achieve unity to assist, diligent efficiency, and global service, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of work.
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Tax : 0854-8308008
Zip code:558003
Addr: the office of Qiannan National Medical College ,No.1 Qianyi Road ,Duyun city, Guizhou province