Enrollment work


Enrollment Rules 2011 Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities
一. the college name: Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities ( GB code 11663 )
二. school attribute:the official Ordinary Higher College
三. the school level: Full-time Ordinary College
四.the address:Qianyi Road No. 7 Duyun City, Guizhou province
五.enrollment plan: professions and plans in new students catalogue
六.admission rules:
1, Carrying strictly the national enrollment policy and admission requirements relevant province, city, municipality , adhere to the "open, fair, justice " principle, evaluate comprehensively and choose the best according to virtue, wisdom and body.
2, Shifting gear proportion should be controlled in enrollment plan 120%.
3, The first volunteer candidates without fractional differential limit.
4, Enrolling according to the first score followed by the principle of voluntary admission.
5, If the reported candidates first volunteer professionals are fully recorded, we will adjust according to the reported candidates other profession from high to low . When the students’ all volunteer professionals cannot be satisfied, for those who will obey to the professional swap, transfer them to another professional admission; if not ,adjust to the archives.
6, If the enrollment plan can not be completed in the archives fraction line, approved by province, city, autonomous enrollment area admissions department , we can enroll students droping points ; if it still fails to complete the program, agreed by the province, city, autonomous region education authorities , transfers these students to other better area admission.
7, For these students who are in line with adding score condition by the relevant province, autonomous region, municipality admissions committee , gear shifting according to the points scored after adding.
8, Foreign languages: English.
9, health requirements: according to the" college entrance examination implementation guidence”.
10, According to the need of employment, the height requirement of nursing, midwifery profession : female above 155 cm, 165 cm above the boys. In addition to the midwifery profession ,only girl students are recruited, other professional men and women are not limited.
七.Fees and grants measures:
In strict accordance with the Guizhou Provincial Price Bureau, Department of finance, Department of Education approved the tuition fees, accommodation fees and other fees and charges.
My school belongs to Colleges and universities which the Department of education Guizhou Province identified and can apply for the national student loan , at the same time can apply for national scholarship,national self-improvement scholarships, grants, and work-study program, tuition fee and other funding for poor students, encouraging students to moral, intellectual, physical development, to help poor students complete their studies.
八.Students organization:
The school admissions office is responsible for the recruitment of students work.
九.Degree certificate:
Students completed study of the teaching plan required within the prescribed period, meet graduation requirements, we will give them the Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities graduation certificate of the national recognition of qualifications and approved by the Ministry of education electronic registration, and thus with sign.
十.Advice and contact:
School address: Qianyi Road No. 7 Duyun City, Guizhou province
The school website: http : / / www.qnmc.cn ( enrolls result inquiry )
Tel: 0854 - 8282368 ( enrollment period )
Contact person: Luo Xiangli

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