The profile of Department Of Clinical Medicine

 Clinical Medicine Department is the earliest department in our school which mainly trains clinicians working for medicine and health services. There are three-year and five-year college education and adult education. It aims to develop students with good quality and professional ethics. The students must have the basic theoretical knowledge of the basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, traditional medicine, and master the knowledge of multiple, common, critical illness diagnosis and treatment. Our department has trained more than 12000 graduates.
Clinical Medicine Department has strong and professional faculty force and more advanced and complete teaching equipment. The quality of teaching staff is quite high. 70 professional teachers, 25 associate professors, 40 intermediate grades. The department is equipped with a complete set of advanced facilities such as Multimedia Classroom, Language Lab , Computer Room, Electronic Reading Room , CT, Color Doppler ultrasound and Magnetic resonance imaging which can satisfy the needs of clinical teaching.
the school system: three-year college students ((For students who have the senior high school diploma!)
five-year college students(For students who only have the junior middle school diploma!)
Main subjects: Basic medicine; Clinical medicine
Employment direction : medical organizations; institution serving the teaching and scientific research; the Health Care and Anti-Epidemic Stations; maternal and child health care institutions

Phone number:0854-8251234 0854-8227705
Addr: the fourth building in Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities,No.1 Qianyi Road ,Duyun city, Guizhou province